Caravans Away is the only dedicated online RV dealership in Australia. Proudly offering a Covid-safe, modern purchasing method that puts the power in your hands with delivery from factory floor, direct to your door. 

Purpose built for quick and easy online purchasing, so you can spend more time offline enjoying your new RV.

Our vehicles are priced 'drive away' which includes all 'on road' costs. However, this does not include delivery from the factory, to your door. This cost is typically calculated at contract stage and is added to your order. Depending on your delivery address proximity to a metro location, transportation fees across Australia can range from $500-$3,800.

To make your experience the best it can be, Caravans Away offer a $500 credit towards your delivery cost. Outstanding transportation costs can be calculated via pre-purchase enquiry by completing the form below, or after ordering through our site and during the contract stage. 


 Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast Metro Locations  $500 credit
Outside of SEQ Metro Locations  $500 credit (quote request advised for delivery to Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania)
Pick up Not available



Bob and Jan wish to buy a motorhome (smart move, we say). They live in rural Victoria. On ordering through Caravans Away online, Bob and Jan are advised that delivery through our preferred partner transport is $3,400 including gst. With the bonus delivery credit on offer, they will now only need to pay $3,400 - $500 = $2,900 to have their new motorhome delivered direct to their door. 

Bob and Jan are stoked to have saved $100 in fuel money, avoided a physical flare up by not visiting brick and mortar dealerships and reclaimed approximately 6 hours of their life. Plus, they've saved a tree by going paperless, maintained blood pressure levels due to the ease of online purchasing and are now long gone living a nomadic lifestyle somewhere out West. Way to go, Bob and Jan!

* The above scenario is set out as an example only. Prices are not indicative of true transportation costs.


We've sought out the very best in transportation providers so that you don't have to. Our trucking companies specialise in new motorhome and caravan transportation and are currently operating as the backbone to most RV manufacturers and dealers across Australia. Please note, we do not offer private transport arrangements. 

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*Caravans Away delivery credit was revised on the 21 March 2022 and is subject to change without notice. The $500 delivery credit provided by Caravans Away is not redeemable for cash or credit.